Monday, January 24, 2011

So...It Turns Out

...That I might possibly be am a bit judgmental...and I don't like it one little bit. Do you know why? Of course you don't know why because I haven't told you yet but I'll get to that in a second.

   I'm typically what some would call an over achiever when it comes to my school work, OK who am I kidding I have been called an over achiever by several of my classmates. But can you blame me? I pay a lot of money to take these classes and I feel if I'm not going to do my best then why do it ya know,and maybe its because I want to prove to my kids that I'm not dumb as a box of rocks! 

   So I'm typically the one sitting in class with all my homework done,  3 page paper written and typed when it only had to be 1 page (that really did happen, it was due today), notes printed off and ready to work. I'm also the one who looks around the class and wonders what in the heck these kids could passably be doing that was so important that they couldn't take a few minutes before class and stop by a mirror and pick up a brush...and use it. Or bother to change into something other than the clothes that they wore out last night. I sit there in my own little world and these are the things that I think about. Do their mommas know they are dressing this way? Do their daddy's know their little princess is cussin' like a sailor?

   But I digress...I'm taking a social psych class this semester. I knew when I signed up for the class that its an upper level class, to which I am not yet a member of...upper level that is. I talked to my advisers about the class, even to the dean of the department to get approval. I was told it was not problem I wouldn't have any trouble keeping up " you have good grades" they said. Well this is true I do work hard for my grades so I wasn't , and I'm still not, worried that I wouldn't be successful in the class.

   What I wasn't prepared for going into this class was the feeling of being "left out" so to speak.  Now usually it takes me a while to warm up to new people, it always has, so that was no surprise, but it really puts things in perspective when you look around the room for someone to do a group project with and almost everyone has already picked their groups because they are all "upper classmen" and have known each other for several years and have had other classes together. OK so I can deal with that I don't know these people and they don't know me so I cant expect them to know about my over acheiverness (is that a word?) so I start looking around for a group to join and the only ones left are...well...the kids that shoulda looked in the mirror before walkin out of their dorm rooms and the kids that are only taking the class because they needed to fill up an hour a day with an upper level class. Well about this time I'm realizing I'm screwed and it dawned on me that I was judging them based on their appearance without knowing anything about them just like I had been judged 2 minutes before because I'm just a sophomore.

   Don't ya love it when God points somethin out to ya by just slappin ya in the face with it!

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