Sunday, January 2, 2011


I figured since I'm doing updates to  my blog it was time to do an update on my blog!

Its been a busy few weeks. Finals are over, finally, which brought with it Christmas break and time at home to be lazy and veg on the couch, rest and relax. The boys are home as well which is always great. I love spending time with them when they are home but it will be hard when they have to go back to school.

Christmas was great even though I was dealing with a bad case of the bah humbugs there for a while. My step-son has been here for about a week but will be going back home in a couple of days. Its been nice having him here, if for no other reason than to see the Cable Guy so happy and relaxed. I forgot how hard it is having a 13 yr old in the house. They are always bored but I have to say he's been pretty well behaved compared to previous visits which I am thankful for. We spent Christmas day at my parents house, my brother and his family were there for a while and it always fun hanging out with little D. Normally its stressful for me trying to control referee all the arguments but it was surprisingly uneventful.

Guitar Man with his usual "put the camera down already" look

Sax Man takin pictures of his grandpa takin pictures

All 3 boys

The whole family together on Christmas day 2010

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