Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break...

...has officially started. Although I guess you can technically say it started for me last Monday; I did have to go to school on Wednesday but not for classes. Our criminal justice symposium was Wednesday, I as so excited about it and it ended up being a big flop at least in my opinion...but what do I know right?!

Guitar Man is home for spring break as well, and lemme tell ya it makes this momma so happy to have at least one of her boys home for the week. Sax Man had to stay at school because of a new job he just started. I love that hes being so responsible but I sure do miss him.

Of course one of the first things Guitar man did when he got home was go to the music store. He doesn't ever buy anything but likes to go in and spend hours trying out different guitars.

The Cable Guy actually got two days off in a row so we got to spend some time together as well. Today we did one of my favorite things....OK besides shopping....but technically it is shopping. We spent the afternoon going to pawn shops. We didn't buy anything this trip but enjoyed just getting to hang out. It sure does wear me out though. Guitar Man made a comment today about how slow I was walking and how different it was from a few years ago when he could hardly keep up because I would walk so fast. Had to explain to him theres alot of things I cant do anymore that I used to be able to do. Its hard for him to understand, and its hard for me to explain it to him.

My spring break to do list seems to be getting longer instead of shorter but I guess that's how it goes...mark one off and add two more! HA! (oh wait I just remembered something else to add).

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day!

St. Patricks day is special to me for several reasons, but the most important reason is because its our (mine and The Cable Guy) 8th wedding anniversary.

I haven't been feel very well the past couple days, The Cable Guy brought me lunch and roses this afternoon!

I love you, happy anniversary.

National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week / Education Month

Since its Nation MS Awareness Week /MS Education Month I thought appropriate to say something about it.

I'm sure you are all aware that I was diagnosed with MS back in July (2010). That was my first diagnosed flair up. I have been having flairs since my early/mid 20's and like alot of people didn't realise it. Unfortunately since that last flair up I haven't had alot of improvement and continue to have declining and ever changing issues, some of which I didn't even realize were considered MS symptoms.

Since I didn't know these things were symptoms of MS I'm sure there are others out there that are as clueless as me so I thought I would share some of the things that your neurologist doesn't always tell you. Or what I call my list of TMI.

The bouts of nausea that show up without warning

The inability to go more than an hour without having to pee ( let me tell ya this will quickly determine what you wear for the day, if your hands are not working well you dang sure don't want to wear something with lots of buttons!)

The constipation/diarrhea (you either cant stop going or you cant go at all. Either way you have to plan your day around where the bathroom is)

The itching (its caused by nerves dying or going through the demylination process. Either way it will make you nuts!)

The changes in your menstrual cycle

And all of that on top off all the things they DO tell you to expect.


I feel like crap most days and I'm so over it. People ask me how I'm doing or how I'm feeling and 9 out of 10 times I give my usual answer " I'm OK" or "I'm good" when in reality I'm wishing I could just go home and crawl into bed. If I told everyone how I was really feeling every time they asked they would get tired of listening to me whine and complain.


I'm tired of living my life around my medication schedule, my need to rest after a simple trip to walmart, tired of looking like a black and blue crash dummy from losing my balance and running into stuff and having bruises from my injections every day.

I'm so over MS!

If you know someone that has MS and they tell you they are OK, take a minute and really look at them. Just because they say they are OK chances are they aren't and could really use a kind word, or a hug.

If you have MS, I'm sorry. {{Hugs}} to you. This is a horrible disease that has taken so much from the people that have it.