Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making Progress

I cant say I got alot done today, you might have seen the list of things I have yet to accomplish on my break.

I did make a dent in said list, a very small dent....OK maybe more like a scratch.

I went and stood in line at the campus book store for 20 min just to follow a pimply faced kid nice young man around shelf after shelf of over priced books, that probably will never even be opened by their future owners. After going through my list of classes and retrieving the required books that he promptly dumped in my hands he proceeded to tell me how lucky I was that I got some of my books used.

OK don't get to excited because this is what it cost to get some of my books used!

OK that's a horrible picture so I'll translate for you $658.84 for four used books. Used books that I'm not sure will even get used! On the upside I may be able to take my algebra book back for a full refund if my professor decides we will be using the online version instead. BUT...theres always a but...I'm still wait listed from one of my classes so if I get into that one...yup you guessed it,gotta buy another book!

My ADA letters for my teachers picked up, a quick trip to the library for an application to a new program starting at school, realized I needed proof of my ADA services so went back to the ADA office to get the form then off to the Rehab office to drop off paper work so they will pay for my spring classes only to be told I didn't have all the papers I needed, thankfully she let me use her computer to print them out so I didn't have to make another trip.

 My quick trip into town turned into an all day event and made it home with even more work for myself in the way of a scholarship application, and an application for the new SSS program starting this spring.

You know what they say....We make plans and God laughs!

I did get some good news though, my Copaxone for the next three months is being delivered next week.


  1. I SO understand how you feel about the price of books! Utter craziness! I was talkinga about the same thing on my blog recently!
    Good luck with your entire journey!

  2. Oh man! I feel your pain on the books...I use to CRY like a baby when a new semester started and I would have to shell out THOUSANDS for new books..ugh!!

    Goodluck cracking open those books!!!

  3. Hi,
    My sister and I had a conversation just yesterday about book prices. Have you considered renting text books? My sister does not like that idea because you cannot highlight them. She has had some luck getting books on Amazon used as well. Anyway I understand how you feel about the price of text books! As if school does not cost enough.
    If you want to try to rent books next time all I did was google rent textbooks and a few sites came up. Oh and I like your blog and I am a new follower now.