Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time Is Running Out...

...I go back to school next week and I don't feel like I have accomplished anything I had planned on doing. Well except vegging out on the couch resting and trying to recover for the coming semester but even that wasn't a success because my neck is still hurting. In fact at times I feel like one of those bobble head toys that cant hold their heads up.

My bedroom is still a disaster area and should have a condemned sticker on the door, my books haven't been bought for school, heck I don't think I even cleaned out my backpack from last semester. The receipts haven't been added up for taxes, transfer papers haven't been sent in, OK they haven't even been printed out yet. Scholarship applications haven't been signed, rehab papers haven't been delivered so not all of my funding is complete for this semester, but hey I did give the dogs a bath!  That's progress right? I heard on the news a while ago theres a chance for snow this weekend, and here in Arkansas when we get snow everything shuts down....come on snow!

image provided by google images

Its been great having the boys home from school, not that I see them much, but I will miss them when they go back...or maybe, no  I definitely will. I just had a flash of how quiet it was in the first weeks of the fall semester...eweeee.

Oh well theres always tomorrow...


  1. Greetings from The Blog Frog. I saw you had commented there on a discussion I started, "Share your Blog and Link!". Thank you for stopping by.
    I stand by my word and wanted to come here to check out your blog and I love it! It is very cool! Very nice to meet you and I'll be back soon.

    Please stop by my place anytime!

  2. Going back to school is always the hardest! It's like getting started exercising..feels good once you get there but getting started...ECK!

    Sometimes you just need to relax and do nothing..ESPECIALLY when you have school stresses coming up in the near future! Hope your neck is feeling a little better soon! :/