Monday, February 7, 2011

I Have A Confession To Make

I'm addicted..

To True Blood

No...its true, I am and I freely admit it.

Not only am I addicted to True Blood, I'm addicted to the entire Sookie Stackhouse book series.

My addiction started all because of a former classmate. We had been talking about the then upcoming release of New Moon and she casually made the suggestion that if I liked the Twilight series I should also read the Sookie Stackhouse series. Well OK it was the end of the semester, a very long semester, and I was in the beginning stages of what turned out to be my first known MS flair up. So, I didn't really give it much thought, I wrote the name of the book down and even went to the point of buying the first book in the series, but I put the book up and never started it. A few months went by and as my flair up became full blown and I spent more and more time feeling like a Mac truck ran over me I pulled that first book out and started reading.

After about the first 5 pages I was HOOKED! I read non-stop, I mean what else did I have to do...really? As the summer went on and I started feeling better I kept reading, I couldn't put it down. I was so addicted I was buying the next book in the series online to read on my Kindle AP on my Ipad as soon as I finished the last page of the other.

I did take a break at the end of the summer, it just so happened that our big family vacation took place as I was finishing a book so I forced myself to hold out on starting a new book until we got back. Let me just tell you it was NOT easy.

I knew when we got back home the Cable Guy would be leaving to work out of town, and both boys would be leaving for school so I used the books to keep myself busy while they were gone. And believe me I DID!

I read all the time, OK not all the time because I had also just started the fall semester but when I wasn't at school or doing homework I was reading.

And then it happened.

It was horrible

I was so sad, and unexpected.

I came to the end of the last book and when I went to buy the next my shock and dismay...there wasn't one!!!

I was so sad, what would I do?

Well after falling apart doing a little digging I soon found out about True Blood. I know what your thinking you don't even have to say it.  How couldn't I not know about True Blood? Well you see I didn't, and still don't, have HBO so it never crossed my mind that there would be a show.

So like any self respecting addict I started poking around on the google machine Swagbucks looking for a way to watch it online, you know because there's so many sites that you can watch TV shows online and all. Well I came up empty handed then it hit me, we have Netflix I'll try there. Well it was there alright but they didn't offer it as a watch it now series. So I had to wait. I put them all in my Que and waited for my first one to arrive in my mailbox. And then it happened, I was so excited; I opened my mailbox and there in its pretty red wrapper was my first True Blood DVD. I went straight into the house to watch it homework be damned! I opened up the little red wrapper only to be see there were only 2 episodes on it. Well I pulled up my big girl panties and delt with it determined I was going to enjoy my 2 episodes of True Blood come hell or high water.

Then it happened, the first episode started and I was having nightmares of the Twilight disaster, you know the one I'm talking about. The book was great, but the movie seriously SUCKED. Anyway I kept watching and if you know me you know I was tearing that first episode apart because it was NOTHING like the book. Well I was determined that it had to get better so I was going to keep watching, and I'm SO glad I did. I came to separate the books from the show and enjoy it as much as the books only it was torturous waiting from the time I sent my DVD, with only 2 episodes on it, back until the next one arrived.

Now some months later, yes life happens and I got sidetracked, the spring semester has started but as many snow days as we have had you would think it was the fall semester instead. This past week with only 1 day of classes all week I was going freaking stir crazy feeling a little claustrophobic being in the house for so long I thought I would take a chance and look on the google machine Swagbucks and see if I could find somewhere to watch my beloved Eric Northman. And low and behold I did it! I found them...yes them...I have stooped to watching them on whatever format I can find them because yes, I am addicted and I don't even care!

So our great weather man is calling for snow again Tuesday and Wednesday and ya know what? I don't even care because then I can watch True Blood till my little heart is content!

On a side note I got my usual email ad from BAM* a couple days, you know the ones you get when you sign up for the membership thing to get discounts, the ones I almost never open. Well I opened one and guess what...No really...guess....OK OK I'll tell ya.....the new Sookie Stackhouse book is coming out in MAY!!! Just in time for summer break...

*Books a Million

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