Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Got A Phone Call Today...

...from Walgreen's specialty pharmacy that's in charge for shipping my Copaxone, thanks to NORD. Naturally I got all excited thinking they were going to schedule my next shipment of liquid gold. I only have about 10 days left so I was starting to stress about it. Well turns out I got excited for no reason and as it turns out I have every reason to stress.

My current prescription is expired and the pharmacy has been trying to contact my neurologist for a couple of weeks and hasn't gotten anywhere. I called the office to see what was going on, I mean come on all they have to do is send a fax takes 60 seconds tops. So I call and talk to Dr.G's nurse as always, come to find out shes been out since October and doesn't have a clue whats going on. She did promise to do some research and let me know whats going on, meanwhile its almost 4:00pm and I'm still waiting.

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