Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Been A Long Crazy Week

   Hell who am I kidding? The last couple of weeks have been long, I guess you could tell since I haven't been posting much huh?

   The beginning of the semester is always hard but it seems like this one was particularly hard for some reason.

   I have been under alot of stress and I think that has had alot to do with know the whole stress and MS not mixing thing...but then add in the usual stress from school and it kinda pushed me over the edge a little.

   I ended up dropping my algebra class after the old geezer my professor proved he couldn't teach. Granted I'm a little spoiled when it comes to math teachers so I gave him a chance, I think two wasted weeks is enough don't you(?), but when I spent an hour listening to him tell us how to "guess" at the right numbers on a graph I knew I had to get out! I mean really, you want me to GUESS on the answers? Might be fine in your class but I don't think guessing on the final is going to cut it! So I took a 50% loss on the class and signed up for an 8 week class starting in March.

   Both the boys are back at school and I'm starting to get used to the quiet again and settle into a routine. Its always so hard when they leave, the silence is deafening sometimes. You wouldn't think two kids that hardly ever come out of their rooms would make that much noise but you sure do notice it when they aren't there.

   Remember I told you all about my step-son coming for Christmas...well we havnt really heard anything from him since. The Cable Guy and I both kind of feel he was just going back to his games. Only wanting contact when he wanted something. He got his presents and as soon as Christmas was 0ver he was ready to go home. The only time hes made any contact since has been to ask for money or for his dad to buy him something...Guess he really hasnt changed that much after all. Very disapointing for him and for his dad.

   Hoping for a new start and less stress next week....

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