Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well the summer has officially at the Mi Vida Loca and I could not be more happy!

All of my little ducklings are are home, at least for a couple of days; Miss B is going back to school for the summer until she transfers back here in the fall, Sax Man and Guitar Man are both home as well and I have to say my house is a flippin disaster right now but I don't even care. We will get it all put back together in due time. I'm just grateful for the time we will get to spend together.

Classes are out for me as well at least until the end of the month. I have decided to take a couple of classes this summer to help me stay on track since I had to cut back on hours. Official grades have not been posted yet but I'm not expecting any big surprises.

Looking forward to getting the pool fixed and spending some much needed time outside soaking up some vitamin D.

What are your plans for the summer? I would love to hear about them....leave me a comment and tell me all about them.

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