Friday, May 13, 2011


So many things came into place over the past few days it could only be God taking care of us.

Every spring/summer since we moved into this house sparrows have nested had raised babies in the eave of our porch, this year there are two nests but for the past few days we have noticed that some of the eggs had fallen out of one of the nests. I figured it was from the horrific weather we have been having. We live in Arkansas so if you have watched the news at all over the past several weeks you know what the weather has been like. Torrential downpours, severe storms, and flooding.

the front of the house

water coming off the hill and down the driveway

the driveway

If you have read any of my posts in the past couple of days you know that my children have been in the process on coming home for the summer from college. Monday Guitar man and I spent the day getting him and his stuff home from school. When we got home we did what we usually do when we are loading and unloading their stuff. We put the dogs outside so we could leave the front door open as we brought everything in, making countless trips back and forth from the car to the front door into the house.

Late Tuesday night/Wednesday morning Sax Man and Miss B decided to come home after Miss B got off work instead of waiting till later in the day. Needless to say I didn't know anything about it being told earlier in the day they wouldn't be home until sometime Wednesday so I didn't leave any lights on and locked the door. They don't have a key to the deadbolt so they had to call to wake me up and unlock the door in order to get in all the while standing in the dark at the front door.

The Cable Guy had to work late as usual Wednesday night so we were up late watching TV and just spending time together as a family. As we were getting ready for bed Sax Man decided he was going to set up his TV in his room but some of the cords had yet to be brought in and unpacked so he grabbed his keys, flipped the outside light on and went truckin' it out the door...or so he thought. For what ever reason he was looking down at the ground as he started out the door and RIGHT outside the door was a snake that lunged at him, close enough that it almost got in the house. As he jumped back and made an attempt to shut the door and took off screaming Miss B right on his heels....about this time I see what all of the commotion was as the door didn't get shut all the way I see the tail of the snake under the door and in the house, The Cable Guy yelling for someone to shut the door as hes trying to get his boots back on, I in what I'm sure would have been quite comical to anyone watching that wasn't experiencing it, in great hong kong fooey fashon kicked the door closed and proceeded to follow the kids earlier path screaming across the house and jumping on the couch! All of this happening in what seemed to be taking place in slow motion but really happening in just seconds.

The Sax Man ran to the garage while The Cable Guy was tying his boots and grabbed the shovel to hunt the offender down and take care of it properly...ya chopping it up into unidentifiable pieces, which they did manage to do by the way.

In the aftermath as everyone was starting to calm down we realized that it was probably said offender who had gotten to the bird eggs which means it has been around the house for several days at least.

Only God could have orchestrated this so that no one got hurt. Keeping me and Guitar Man safe as we brought his stuff in and not letting anything in the house, keeping Sax Man and Miss B safe as they were standing in that exact spot less than 24 hours before, whatever prompted us to stay up late, and then send Sax Man outside at that very moment and warn him to look down before walking outside. We might never have known we were all in danger because it was poisonous we realized after the fact.

ONLY GOD! and again I am reminded how awesome he is, and so thankful for every blessing he bestows upon us.

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  1. Sometimes we need a rainbow at the end of the storm. So glad you made it through Denise! xoxo