Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Ramblings About Reality

   Its been a while since I posted so I'll try to catch you up with whats been going on. As usual the past couple weeks have been crazy.

   Last Monday I found out that NORD had finally approved my Copaxone injections and it was going to be delivered on Wednesday. Thank you NORD and Shared Solutions. It only took three months to get approval but hopefully it will be worth the wait! There is now a three month supply of $12,000 liquid gold sitting in my fridge!! It was easy to get excited about finally getting my meds until the reality of actually starting my injections kicked in on Monday when the nurse from Shared Solutions actually showed up at my house to teach me how to do the injections myself.

   The reality is, it SUCKS! Don't get me wrong I'm glad to finally be doing something to "treat" my MS but the reality is, it hurts. I'm told it will get better with time. I personally think the pain doesn't get better you just get used to it and it becomes your new reality.

   My DH and I went to Kansas to see my step-son play in his last football game of the season. For most it wouldn't be a big deal but this was the first time we had spent any time with him in three years. After his last visit we had so much trouble with him we told him he couldn't come back until he could act right. Well three years later, and several arrests later, he finally decided he was ready. I really do hope it continues.

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