Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayer and Patience

   I'm learning alot about patience on this roller coaster ride that is MS. At the same time I'm learning alot about the power of prayer.

   God does answer our prayers, we just have to ask. Weather its something trivial, or something monumental he wants to hear about it. That doesn't mean hes going to give us what we want just because we ask for it. He sees the big picture and knows our futures even if we don't. He always answers our prayers, even if we don't like the answers we get. I'm finding that out the hard way lately.

   When I had my first MS flare up (which wasn't really my first just my first one diagnosed) I prayed so much and for so many different things it got to the point I didn't know what to ask for any more. By the day of my scheduled MRI's I was just praying that my tests were not inconclusive. On the day of my appointment with Dr.G and what turned out to be the day of my diagnosis my test were in fact not inconclusive but they were not the answers I was hoping for.

   In the days since my diagnosis there has been many ups and downs, lots of prayers prayed. A big one for me has been how am I going to get my meds? God show me how. My meds are around $4000.00 a month just for my injections. Well after several long months of filling out paper work and waiting yesterday that prayer was answered in a BIG way.

   I was at school, as I am every Monday morning and got a phone call from an 800# that I clearly was not going to answer because 1) if its an 800# chances are is just a bill collector about my hospital and I have nothing new to tell them 2) I'm at school and not everyone needs to know my business (although I am telling all of you!).  The call went to voicemail, which until Sunday night had not been working, and surprisingly enough someone left a message. My thought was man those bill collectors are really persistent if they go to the point of leaving a message. After my last class was out and I had trekked what feels like 50 miles across campus I was sitting in my car trying to catch my breath I figured I would listen to the message and find out who wanted money now.

   To my surprise it was not a bill collector at all. I listened to the message 4 times before it really sank in what the woman from Walgreen's was telling me. She was trying to set up a shipping date for my first 90 day supply of Copaxone. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more.

 It comes tomorrow!

    I can honestly say I have never been so excited about getting a shot in my entire life! I'm sure the excitement wont last long once the reality of giving myself injections every day for the rest of my life sets in, but for now I'm ecstatic and oh so thankful.

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  1. That is wonderful that you get your meds! It sickens me when I hear that people can't get the meds they need to sustain their lives. It happens far to much.
    You can do the shots. You'll get used to it and it will just happen!
    Take care of you!