Monday, October 11, 2010

A Lesson in Patience

We all have things to learn in this world.

 Evidently right now I'm getting a lesson in Patience. Weather I want one or not.

All of my paper work for my medical assistance has been turned in, twice. Back in Aug. I was told "they" ,whoever "they" are, only had 30 days to make a decision. Well its clearly been more the 30 days, still no decision BUT I did get a nice little letter in the mail saying "they" were waiting for more of my medical records before a decision was made. Turns out "they" are a medical review board that gets to decide if I'm considered "disabled" enough to get assistance.

Assistance that only lasts for 3 months.

3 months that have clearly come and gone.

So even if it were to be approved it wont do me any good at all except to pay my hospital bill from the diagnosis.

I'm also playing the waiting game with Shared Solutions, and NORD.

They are the companies I am trying to get my meds through. Its a long process of hurry up and fill out these papers, make copies of your entire life, send them in, and wait.  The wait is torturous. Its been six weeks since I mailed my packet off and you guessed it, still waiting.

The waiting is making me crazy!

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