Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Its that time again people...NOT ME MONDAY
Where we can all unload about anything that has happened in the last week and no one will judge you...but we may laugh at you laugh with you about things that didn't happen over the past week....

Its been raining here,deep in Bulldog country, for oh about 3 weeks now with occasional breaks for the sun to come out so it can heat up and get even more humid just in time for the next round of storms to come through. Sounds like a great time to do some spring cleaning right? My ceiling fans were NOT growing fur from lack of cleaning lack of use. The vacume cleaner is definatly not still sitting in the front room while I'm writing this blog. And I did NOT spend almost an hour surching the internet just to learn how to do this because its FUN when I should have been folding clothes!

So what things have you NOT done in the past week? Come on share with us!


  1. Don't you love the scratch throughs! I love when I figure out a clever way to use them!

  2. Found you via Mckmama blog.

    LOL, I can totally relate! Nice blog and design!

  3. dusting and vacuuming?! hmph..never heard of them!!!

  4. Wow...are you me? hee hee

    How do you do that line thingy?

    New to your blog btw :)