Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Blame the Schools

I just got off the phone with my son...for the third 5 minutes....yes I said 5 minutes.

The child called to ask me "Mom, I'm at the bank depositing my check,where do I write down how much my checks are"? I swear tell you he really said that. Then he called me back to ask "Mom,what do I put where it ask net deposit"? The third time was just to make sure he did it right!

The child has been doing algebra since grade school, has had 4 years of advanced math in high school,a high school he just graduated from I might add, and he doesn't know how to fill out a simple bank deposit slip!! Whats the world coming to people?

I remember when I was in high school, I realize it was 700 years ago, but come on. Basic math class we ALL learned how to do all that stuff. Deposit slips,check ledgers,paying bills, and if that wasn't enough we got a second dose of it in economics, which back them was a required class, but not any more!

I blame the schools. Yes we live in a town deep in Bulldog country that's school system is ranked nationally in the top 10 and 1st in the state. BUT my child can't balance his own FREAKING checking account. The schools are so worried about teaching the hardest classes so they can keep up with the bigger schools and educate our kids to be able to get into the best colleges. I totally understand that but what about teaching these kids some basic life skills as well?

Don't get me wrong,I take part of the blame as well.I could should have been teaching both of my children these things. And I definitely would have been teaching them these things if I had known in ALL their many years of required advanced math classes they weren't learning ANY basic skills to go along with it!

I guess that's just one more thing I will have to add to the list of skills my son will have to learn to do before he can leave for college in the fall..

1) get up when alarm goes off
2) take meds ON TIME
3) keep up with schedule
4) wash own clothes

This is going to be a long summer < sigh >

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