Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Almost Here!

The day, well one of the days,I look forward to all year long.

No it's not my birthday

It's not the last day of the semester (which by the way cant get here soon enough)

It's not the first day of spring break

It's not even Christmas,YET.

It's almost BLACK FRIDAY!!

Anyone that knows me knows I love to shop but even more than that I love to get a good deal when I shop. There's somethin about gettin the ads Thanksgiving morning and plotting my route. Making my list and checking it twice! Getting up before the chickens and making my way to my first stop long before the sun comes up.

Last year I signed up to get email alerts about all the sale ads before they were posted so this year I kind of have an idea of whats coming on the *big day. I thought this was the most amazing thing, this year they went even bigger. They are sending tweets about big sales going on prior to black Friday. AND if that's not good enough....

There's an actual black Friday AP!

*Ad day (Thanksgiving)

Yes this year will be a little more alot more difficult because of my non-stop and ever changing MS symptoms but I'm determined to not let it slow me down...much.

The boys have been pre warned I need a list by Thanksgiving or you get socks and underwear for Christmas which means more money for me to spend on myself!

Its almost as exciting for me as Christmas day....almost...

Happy Shopping!

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