Friday, June 3, 2011

Guy Fieri and The Road Show

 A couple of months ago I was playing round on my phone when I should have been paying attention in class I was quickly checking my phone between classes and came across and advertisement on our local news ap about Guy Fieri, the host of triple D (for those of you that watch the food network you know who and what that is, for those of you that don't....well you don't  know what your missing out on). He was going to be doing his Road Show in a town that's about an hour and a half from here and the tickets were going on sale the next day. Thankfully for me I was out of school the next day. I got up early and waited not so patiently for the appointed time that the tickets would go on sale. At said time I signed into the proper website to get my tickets, clicking on the little tab that says "best seats available"...then I see that the "best seats available" are almost $100.00 and honestly I debated getting them for a few minutes then decided against it and opting for the next best seats which were also really good seat. We were only about 5 or 6 rows back.

Wednesday was the day of the Road Show, I could not wait. The Cable Guy took two days off work thinking I wouldn't be back in school yet for the summer session and we could go up early and spend the night and have a mini vacation. No such luck, I started school the day before... BUT we left as soon as I got out of school and spent the afternoon just hanging out, doing a little shopping before the show.

We decided we needed a snack and whats better than ice cream on a hot afternoon? Nothin' right....except maybe a snowcone. We came across a Maggie Moos and have heard great things about it so it was a sign right? I have to say all the things we heard about Maggie Moos was absolutely correct, it was amazing, and they had my absolute favorite flavor for just about anything in the world....cotton candy! Well let me just say for the record when your picking ice cream flavors somewhere new you might want to take into consideration if there are food colorings used in the process...especially when said ice cream is bright blue! Don't get me wrong it was great and tasted just like cotton candy....but I looked like smurfette when I was done!
No that's not me trying to be cool and wearing blue lipstick!

The show was amazing! I wish I had payed the extra money to get the "best seats available" it would have been more than worth it. I didn't expect him to be SO funny! The show typically only lasts an hour and a half but the night we were there it lasted about three hours. SO GOOD! He was doing another show the next night a couple hours away and we had such a good time we considered going then too and getting the expensive seats! If you like his shows and hes in your area I suggest going its well worth it.

me and the cable guy waiting for the show to start
(yes the blue finally wore off)

a few shots of the intro's running on the big screen above the stage

shots of the stage right before he came out

the only picture I got of him that wasn't fuzzy

The only thing I regret about the whole night was that I didn't stay after the show to get him to sign my book and get a picture with him. There were 1200 people there (sold out show) and I swear all 1200 were standing in line to get books signed. By this time I had been up since 7:00 that morning and it was already almost 11:00 and we had to drive and hour and a half home and I had to get up to school the next day....or so I teacher canceled class that morning. I was SO MAD! I wish I had just spent the money and got the best tickets so I could have gone to the meet-and-greet before the show.

All in all it was a great night!

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