Thursday, June 18, 2009



I'm a >gasp< girlie girl. There, I said it, out loud, I'm a girlie girl. This is a concept that everyone in my family thinks is outrageous. Let me start by saying I'm the only girl in my family, well except for my mother, my grandmother, and the occasional aunt, but I am the only girl. I have no sisters,no cousins,not even a female neighbor to play with as a child growing up. If it weren't for my grandmother I don't know that I would have survived! From an early age, although she wasn't a girlie girl, she gave me her make-up she only wore to church on Sunday, she would paint my nails with her clear nail polish, and let me put her foam rollers in my hair on Saturday night so my hair would be just right for church the next morning. She would let me carry around her old purses,make me dresses(back then hundreds of years ago in the 70's that's what happened, our clothes got made, of ugly polyester) I even have the pictures to prove it.

I have since grown out of the hand-me-down make up,clear nail polish,hand made polyester dresses, old purses, and foam hair rollers. Graduated on to bigger and better to different things like red nail polish (for both my finger nails and my toe nails), my own make up, hot rollers, and actual store bought clothes (even if the store was a thrift store), and a wide variety of shoes, and purses.


Thus brings me to the afore mentioned obsession. SHOES. I love shoes. All kinds of shoes. Tennis shoes, running shoes,pull on , lace ups, high heels, flats, stilettos, pumps, boots, hiking books, biker boots, high heel boots, knee high boots, ankle boots, sandals, flip flops. Shoes, you name it I LOVE THEM. I don't think anyone could ever have too many pairs of shoes! Black shoes, white shoes, brown shoes, red shoes, blue shoes, pink and orange shoes.You name it I'll wear them. Name brand shoes (from the thrift store of course),no name shoes. I LOVE SHOES! Can you tell I love shoes?

My four year old niece will be here in about a week, and I can't freaking stinking wait! She too is a girlie girl. Why am I so excited about this you ask? Well you see like me, she is the only girl, and being a girlie girl we will have SO much fun doing all the girlie girl stuff that I other wise don't get to do seeing how I have not one but TWO teenage boys! Don't get me wrong I love my boys to death, but the opportunity to spend two glorious weeks hanging out with another girlie girl, OK so its a four year old girlie girl but I'll take what ever I can get, and the best part, she shares my obsession passion for SHOES!!


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