Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

I know its been a few days since the festivaties but I still wanted to post about all the fun we had.

We havn't had a little one to celibrate with in quite some time so this year was special and brought back alot of memories.

We went down town to Freedom Fest and watched the JROTC color guard present the colors to start the day, its always a moving experiance, then headed back home as the rain started, needless to say Kaylah had the melt down of all melt downs was none to happy about that!

After the rain passed we spent the rest of the day outside doing "little girl" fireworks. Kaylah being the middle child in her house and only 5 shes not used to getting all of the attention, let alone getting to pick out her own fireworks AND getting to do them herself so she was over the moon excited, which was great to see after her earlier bad mood.

We BBQ'ed and spent time with the boys doing some "big boy" fireworks before the big show started down town. We are preaty lucky we can see the show from our backyard so we don't have to go anywhere and fight the crowds, and when its over we don't have to spend an hour trying to get back home! This year that was even more of a blessing because the skies opened up again less than 5 min. after the big show was over! Talk about timeing.

Matching flip flops

Storm clouds moving in

Me,Kaylah,& Boggie(the dog)

All in all, even with the rain,it was a great day.

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